Hardwood Floor Refinishing

What makes you qualified?

Hudson Hardwood is the company of Joe Hudson and is based in Philadelphia, PA. We believe hardwood floor refinishing is a long term investment and should be done with a passion for high quality workmanship fueled by education and experience in the industry.
Joe is an NWFA certified hardwood installer, sander and finisher.

Sanding quality impacts finish longevity

The longevity of your floor finish is determined by many factors such as maintenance and finish quality. A final factor rarely discussed is the quality of sanding prior to finish application. A properly sanded wood floor is usually burnished during a hard plating process. Burnishing closes down the grain of the wood and polishes the floor so that the finish will stand above the wood floor and protect it. A floor that has been sanded with too coarse of a sanding sequence will have very open grain. The finish will “fall” into the valleys of the rough grain and your floor will likely experience premature finish wear. This is why we prefer the Lagler Trio for all sanding steps. It spins 4 times faster than a typical floor buffer (720rpm versus 180rpm) and weighs 50% more. Sanding with a Trio results in a much more polished and flat wood floor with more finish in the right area for more protection.

Who said dustless?

We prefer the much more accurate phrase dust collection over the hype word dustless. No process is perfect despite how people market it. We prefer to rely on one sound principle. We will leave your house clean when we are done and not a dusty mess.

Cheap wood floor finish does not last

There are three primary factors in a hardwood floor finish that influence the longevity of your investment: solids content, resin structure, and application rate. Lower cost floor finish is very low in solids content (provides protection) and lack chemical catalysts that provide extra scuff and scratch resistance. Application rate has a tremendous impact on the final product because a finish applied too thin will not provide adequate mil-thickness for your wood floor. We use high solids Glitsa MultiKote applied with a roller to give floors with exceptional build and longevity. We also prefer Glitsa MultiKote because it has great adhesion to wood floors, which is essential if you are burnishing a floor to a fine polish.
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Hardwood Floor Refinish Information

A lot of people purchase a house with carpeting only to find that beneath the carpet there’s a gorgeous hardwood flooring. Well perhaps it’s a wood floor which was once beautiful, but now looks old and tired. Wood flooring is often covered with carpeting if a person thinks it’s beyond repair when actually it might just need a sanding and refinishing. Refinishing starts with sanding the floor until the surface is cleaned of scrapes and scuffs to uncover a brand-new surface below. This means every time you redesign your hardwood flooring it receives which much thinner, so there is a limitation to the number of times it’s possible to revive it.
Most wood floors can be sanded many times during the life of the floor. Think of your wood flooring like your teeth. Whilst it might be done by a do-it-yourself enthusiast as an important home improvement project, sanding flooring is most probably best left to the professional. Share – Engineered hardwood floors is a skilled craft that typically requires a fair time to master. A floor technician typically starts simple and learns the way to border first and the carries on with understanding how to work bigger equipment like Bona Atomic DCS machines. These are dust free sanding machines which reduce contaminants and dust from the air and need less clean up because of vacuum system design.
This is regarded as a superior service by some in the market and cost a bit more, but is worth. Sanding and refinishing hardwood flooring is in fact an easy process, but requires skill. Hiring a pro like Hudson Hardwood is the best route for anybody, but it’s so simpler to employ someone to do it for you. Almost all these companies can be in and out of the house in about a couple of days and provide warranties which you don’t get whenever you do the project yourself.

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